Nkomba are a contemporary African folk band who play an energetic mixture of Malawian folk songs and African roots music. The band is fronted by Ron Nkomba who plays guitar and mandolin and sings in English & Chichewa, the national languages of Malawi. As well as interpretations of traditional Malawian folk music, Nkomba’s songs reflect the variety and heritage of their collective up-bringing which span Europe, Asia and Africa.

Nkomba are an impassioned band whose songs provide insightful social and political storytelling and commentary, from the current devastation of deforestation and the plight of women in Malawi to present day politics. They have played at the award winning Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as numerous gigs in Egypt, Eastern & Southern Africa, Malawi and Europe. They’ve released an album, Phala and an EP Tsonya.