A 4 piece rock band comprising Gaetan Buisson (Lead guitar and vocals), brother Max (Drums), Daisy Rutter (Rhythm guitar, vocals and keyboard) and her brother Henry Rutter (Bass and keyboard). They prefer to play their own material but as they are a relatively young band and do not have a lot of material as yet, they need to supplement this with some covers.

Together they make up a vibrant enthusiastic group with their own take on the ‘Rock Genre’. Alternating between heavy aggressive sounds and soulful melodic verses they are already developing their own style having been playing together only 2 years. Listening to their own songs gives you hints of the artists from whom they take their inspiration. Gaetan’s raw sometimes gritty vocals contrast well with Daisy’s smooth rich style. Together with blistering guitar solos and hyperactive drumming they are a force to be reckoned with and already have a loyal following.