The Corsairs

The Corsairs are one of those bands that have been entertaining venues up and down the country for the last 27 years – and still as fresh today as day one. They hold their own by playing covers of all those favourite Ska and Punk classics which we love, but with their own added psychobilly twist and performing each classic song at 200mph. The Corsairs bring a whole new meaning to the saying “loud and proud“.

The front man is Mark Loveridge who gives nothing but 150% at all gigs, he is what a real showman and entertainer should be. Mark can adapt to all audiences at a flick of his double bass – sheer class. Behind Mark you have Nigel Parsler, who is a very talented drummer who like Mark, enjoys performing live music and making people happy – that’s the driving force behind The Corsairs. So crank up the volume and enjoy one of the hardest working bands out there or even better go and support them at one of there gigs and help keep music fresh and live.