The Rockin Furys

Hailing from Croxley green we started out as a three piece in July 1986 rehearsing in a friends shed, much to the annoyance of his non-rocking neighbours, we decided to move onto a local studio. A fourth member was soon added and we got our first gig at the Clay Pigeon in Eastcote. I remember we took the train which was about a mile from the venue it must have been a site walking with a double bass drums and guitars. We played many gigs over the years, mainly pubs and clubs including St Albans’ legendary The Horn of Plenty (now called The Horn). We had our first record released on a compilation album called Taken by Force, the song She’s Hot on fury records.

We take traditional Rockabilly songs and some more up to date tunes and do them our way. Our final gigs were played as a three piece around 1991-1992 when the band disbanded. After 20 years the band has decided to do a reunion gig or two, we’ve played The Horn and the Flag amongst others and are loving it again, getting the chance to play Croxfest is awesome, as this is where it all started all those years ago.