Saturday 3rd September 2022
12 noon - 8pm on The Green

2017 Bands

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We have started announcing the lineup for this year’s Croxfest! Further updates soon.

On stage: 12:00


A 4 piece rock band comprising Gaetan Buisson (Lead guitar and vocals), brother Max (Drums), Daisy Rutter (Rhythm guitar, vocals and keyboard) and her brother Henry Rutter (Bass and keyboard). They prefer to play their own material but as they are a relatively young band and do not have a lot of material as yet, they need to supplement this with some covers.

Together they make up a vibrant enthusiastic group with their own take on the ‘Rock Genre’. Alternating between heavy aggressive sounds and soulful melodic verses they are already developing their own style having been playing together only 2 years. Listening to their own songs gives you hints of the artists from whom they take their inspiration. Gaetan’s raw sometimes gritty vocals contrast well with Daisy’s smooth rich style. Together with blistering guitar solos and hyperactive drumming they are a force to be reckoned with and already have a loyal following.

On stage: 12:40


Hatching in early 2009, DodoBones have since been attracting attention with raw and heartfelt lyrics and seducing vocals that coarse and delicately line the pulsing and gritty sound of acoustic guitar, double bass, cajon and percussion.

The band, who’s music has been described as ‘wood rock’ (sparked by their combination of natural acoustic instruments and forceful powerhouse performances), have spent the last six years tirelessly gigging across the country. They’re working on their fourth studio album and you can find their last album ‘Distracted’ on iTunes or buy from the band directly.

On stage: 13:20

Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella is a vibrant, unique co-creation between adults with learning disabilities and music industry professionals. We currently have 60 members that range in age from over 18 all the way up to 60+ from North London and three counties in the South East of England.

We are challenging the perception of people with learning disabilities by empowering and enriching lives through music.

On stage: 14:05

Waiting For Katherine

From St. Albans in Hertfordshire, Waiting for Katherine certainly didn’t hold back after they got started in 2010. They had won Battle of the Bands at The Horn within a few months of getting together, and since then have built on their reputation as one of the most enjoyable live bands in the area. They’ve had regular headlining slots at local venues, including the top spot at the Alban Arena as winners in the Music City Unsigned contest.

WFK combine heavy pop-punk riffage with sing-along choruses, a quirky sense of humour, the occasional darker moment and an absolute focus on not taking themselves too seriously.  Once described as an “ageing McFly,” a WFK gig is a fast paced, noisy, proudly-unpolished, fun event to enjoy,  whether you’re young or old (and let’s face it, they’re no spring chickens themselves!) With one of the most enthusiastic frontmen for miles around, no Katherine gig could ever be described as dull – just ask any one of their many loyal followers.

On stage: 14:50


Nkomba are a contemporary African folk band who play an energetic mixture of Malawian folk songs and African roots music. The band is fronted by Ron Nkomba who plays guitar and mandolin and sings in English & Chichewa, the national languages of Malawi. As well as interpretations of traditional Malawian folk music, Nkomba’s songs reflect the variety and heritage of their collective up-bringing which span Europe, Asia and Africa.

Nkomba are an impassioned band whose songs provide insightful social and political storytelling and commentary, from the current devastation of deforestation and the plight of women in Malawi to present day politics. They have played at the award winning Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as numerous gigs in Egypt, Eastern & Southern Africa, Malawi and Europe. They’ve released an album, Phala and an EP Tsonya.

On stage: 15:40

New Device

Since the release of their debut album Takin’ Over in 2009, New Device have remained a band that have refused to compromise on their creative vision. Gaining huge acclaim from their singles Takin’ Over and In The Fading Light and then in 2013 hitting TV and radio like never before with Save Your Life and Here We Stand, New Device are a band that give their devoted fans nothing but the best.

Having played every major festival in the UK and touring countless dates over the past 5 years, the ambitious rock band have set themselves new challenges in their creativity. Plans were made and executed to release 4 interlinked records over the next 12 months. Coming Home is the third instalment of this vision. Following the fantastically executed electric EP Devils On The Run. This stunning 7 track collection shows that the band have done it again. Not wanting to stagnate, they have grown and pushed their hard rock musical boundaries with a record few will be able to turn away from!

On stage: 16:30

From Dusk ‘til Dawn

From Dusk ‘til Dawn are a female fronted five piece classic rock band formed in 2008. The original members were part of a blues/rock band, but soon found their real calling as they started adding some more challenging classic rock anthems to their repertoire. With a leaning
slightly towards the heavy side, their music is powerful and the performance memorable.

Carole-Anne is a powerful female vocalist who enjoys tackling technically difficult material and has been singing with bands for nearly 30 years. Nathan has a bad case of compulsive rock guitar playing, not a bad affliction for nailing the monster rock tracks in this set list. Mark is the quiet techy keyboard player, with more splits and layers than should be allowed. Ed has been bassing it up (or is that down?) forever, with over 40 years of gigging. André, a powerhouse on drums who delivers a rock solid performance everytime.

On stage: 17:20

Lickin Stick

A 10 piece James Brown inspired Funk band comprised of two singers, horns and rhythm section. We want to play music for people to dance to. People get up and drive your funky soul.

Playing the music of James Brown, Maceo, Fred and the rest. Brimming with creative energy the Lickin Stick give their own take on the Godfather of Funk with some sweet jams and modern jiving grooves. Expect anything from ‘I Feel Good’ to ‘Cold Sweat’.

On stage: 18:15

The Riffs

Formed in 1989, The Riffs have played many major European festivals and scooter rallies. Their sound is a mix of traditional Ska and Reggae, original tune and unique versions of classics / old favourites, played with the style and energy that never fails to get people dancing.

The Riffs have played with legends such as Prince Buster, Dave Barker, Laurel Aitken, The Ruts, The Beat, The Selecter, Bad Manners, The Specials, the list goes on. Their albums include: Who Wants It, Live at Club Ska and FTP Future.

On stage: 19:10

Our Friends Electric

While we don’t usually have the same band appear at Croxfest two years running, they were so good last year playing to a smaller crowd in the pouring rain we’ve invited them back so more of you can enjoy them.

With so many tribute acts and compilation albums using the same songs, you would be forgiven for thinking that there were only ever 40 tunes produced during the 80s. But anyone who was a child of that time will know that there were many more excellent songs written in that decade than those you tend to hear nowadays.

And that is why Hertfordshire based Our Friends Electric are different to other 80s bands. In a homage to the synthesiser, we specialise in playing those often-eclipsed tracks and seminal classics that no self-respecting 80s aficionado would not fail to recognise – those cult songs that could guarantee to fill the dance floor at any 6th form disco and that were such a REAL part of our growing up.