Saturday 7th September 2024
12 noon - 8pm on The Green

2019 Catering

On the day you will find a selection of food and drink stalls. Please note that no alcohol is on sale, but you are welcome to bring your own or visit the nearby pubs.

Gionap & Sons Ice Cream

Giovanni Napolitano known as John the Ice cream man had been trading locally for over 35 years.

He loved his ice cream van, his rounds and his customers who he regarded as friends. In memory of John, his sons Michael and Angelo have taken Gionap back on the road!
They are covering many local events in their spare time such as Abbots Langley Carnival, private functions and Croxfest!

Feel free to contact them with any requests regarding booking the ice cream van for events.

Call Angelo on 07540 933848

Pimento Paella

Welcome to Pimento Paella we cater a variety of Paella and Caribbean dishes, our food derives from the Caribbean island of Trinidad  and Tobago where you will delight in exotic flavors such as seafood Paella, chicken and chorizo vegetable mixed paella, curried duck, Roti, Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas, Calypso Rice, Coconut dumplings Macaroni pie and much more, all our dishes are authentically prepared in traditional Trinidad style….do  come and explore the  taste of the Caribbean.

Punjabi Shack

Punjabi shack brings you authentic home cooked meals meets street food! From chicken tikka wraps to samosa chaats we will have your taste buds tingling. Family run business served with a smile. Don’t miss us!

The Healthy Jamaican Kitchen

At the heart of The Healthy Jamaican Kitchen is the unique and energetic, larger than life personality of Paulina Deutsch.

Jamaican heritage

Born in the UK to Jamaican parents, Paulina’s background is a rich tapestry of life experiences that range from acting and singing through therapy, numerology and fashion design. Her creativity is without question the force that drives her and has found expression in her passion for cooking and all things food…Tasty recipes, complex carbs, high protein, low fat meats… Jamaican cookery and all ideal for calorie-controlled diets and high calorie inputs. It just made sense… and so The Healthy Jamaican Kitchen emerged as more and more customers requested this cuisine and came back for more! Traditional Jamaican cooking, however can include some ingredients that are not ideally suited for the health conscious. Palm oils and sugars in particular have been positively addressed in her recipes, whilst eliminating unhealthy additives that can be common in traditional dishes such as excessive salt and even MSG.

 Traditional techniques + family recipes = authentic Jamaican food at its best!

Paulina started cooking at her mother’s elbow at the age of 7… not that she had any other option, Jamaican mothers being notoriously strict! Press ganged into cooking the rice and peas, trained to deliver the family meal, no excuses – whilst mum was working… Traditional cooking techniques, recipes and personal touches were passed on and hard wired to this day. Paulina lost her mum in 2007 but can hear her voice every day in the kitchen, watching over her and making sure she gets it right. Paulina has a small team working with her that is set to grow as the business expands and she is busy training everyone to cook and prepare these recipes to her exacting standards. In other words, she is turning into her mum!


Specialising in South African Street food at markets, food and beer festivals. Catering for private functions, corporate events and parties. All dishes are made with fresh produce – no processed hidden nasties! Authentic South African recipes, spices fresh from South Africa, all meats are locally farmed produce, working with P.S.Tilbury Ltd Quality Butcher (Bedgrove – Aylesbury). Local Artisan handmade breads. 

You will find the following on our Menu: Homemade Peri Peri chicken, Shisanyama Spiced pulled pork and Espetada Beef brisket with horseradish all served in an artisan brioche with a variety of salads and sauces.

Bunnychow, an artisan bread filled with your choice of: Durban Chicken Curry, Minced meat Curry with Mrs Balls, Chickpea, Spinach and potato curry all served with Great Taste award winning Sambals, salads, chutney and sauces.

S&B Catering

S&B Catering will be bringing along there phat burger setup selling 6oz  beef burgers and a selection of British bangers.

Weirdough Pizza

Weirdough Pizza evolved from the  vision of building a portable business that would produce  delicious tasting pizza that could be shared to the world. Seeing how important the flavours of fresh simple food tasted we  converted an old vintage horse trailer and installed a wood fired oven. Our pizza dough is prepared in our kitchen using the finest Italian Pizzeria Flour and we make our own tomato sauce using only the best Italian plum tomato to come out of Italy.
We use top quality Fior Latte Di Latte semi-soft cheese made in the style of Italian mozzarella.  Smooth with a tangy flavour, this elastically textured cheese is perfect for pizzas. All our pizza toppings are purchased daily and we endeavour to source independent suppliers.

Bakhtar Fresh Foods

Samosas and other Indian delicacies courtesy of Bakhtar Fresh Foods



Marrakech Kitchen

Moroccan food is a feast for the senses. It’s a cuisine that reflects its colorful history of different people and their culinary traditions.

So come and have a little taste of Morocco yourselves.

Golden Bites

Golden Bites Ltd is a family run business creating a fusion of tasty Brazillian snack foods with a European twist. We cater for all tastes, supplying both sweet or savoury treats.

Customers can choose from:

Coxinha, gratifying crispy fried breadcrumb balls filled with creamy dough and; chicken, or three kinds of cheese, or smoked sausage.

Mini Churros, a fried-dough vanilla pastry filled with Dulce de Leche (the posh cousin of Caramel fudge) or Chocolate dough filled with hazelnut and cocoa.

All served in environmentally friendly and fully compostable pinewood boats.


MasterCrêpes – where every day is pancake day! Our authentic crepes and traditional 100% buckwheat galettes from Brittany are all freshly made-to-order. Trained in the oldest crepes school in France, we make the best crepes this side of the channel! Bon appetit!

Dotty’s Sweet Shop Bus & Shake Bar

Supplying you with all things sweet on Dotty’s Sweet Shop Bus & Shake Bar.

We have a large selection of treats on board including sweets, fudge, candy floss, popcorn. Also serving slush, shakes, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

We also offer online orders with free local delivery. We have a great selection of party favours, gifts for all occasions and items to hire for all your celebrations.